{micro maique}

Oops. In the end it seems four days of work turned into one, the other thing got cancelled.

A little sad, but can’t say that I’m too sorry. More time with the girls!

So this is where they’re keeping them!! If you’re looking for Canned Portuguese, I finally know where to find them! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

Micro Monday Time

I had the pleasure of speaking to @macgenie for the latest episode of Micro Monday.

I was quite nervous, first interview in English, and for a podcast celebrating the community that I’m so happy to be a part of, but Jean is the best and I was able to forget a bit of the anxiety and talk for a bit.

Hope it turned out ok and look forward to hear your thoughts about it.

Also, tomorrow is A Day In The Life of Our Online Community: A Global Photography Challenge, so don’t forget to shoot something, indoors, outdoors, anything goes. It’s going to be fun!

Sweet Tooth

Perks of having an airline captain in the family… 🤤


We turned right where we usually turn left, and ended up in Lapa today. Posh part of town. Was looking for a particular building to shoot, but it was covered in scaffolding.

No harm done, a message to our favorite cousins and we had lunch with them, and stayed a while.

Just waking up, already booked for Tuesday through Friday!

Darn, these early morning calls are usually bad news, not so much today.

I hate moving. Day 029.

While his mother tended to the vegetable garden, the sweet baby waited patiently.

I often wonder how they’re all doing.


The Demonstrator

Cliché, but true. Felt like being in a movie. Or several movies, all of them crazy. Las Vegas.

🌴 🇺🇸

Early morning vintage walk

Took off early today, and found a couple of clues of what the city looked like in the past.

We had a lot of these, but they’re going away with all the renovation going on.

Long day away from home and my girls. Hard. But saw a few friends that only meet when working. Still, would rather stay home.

12 hours later, back home. Ufff…

Feel good moment of the day so far: an old friend I haven’t seen in over 30 years walked by me, I’m wearing my mask, and she recognized me!

Couldn’t believe it, only my eyes are visible!

Back in the studio. First time for this show: The Voice.

Obviously, since I’m already missing tinyMovieStar, it had to be the kids edition!

Predictably I couldn’t sleep much. Work has become an anxiety inducing experience, until I get to it. Once there, it’s like riding the proverbial bike. Before that comes the “Do I even want to ride it?”, “Why did I agree to ride this one?”, “What’s the point of riding this bike?”

Ended up on the usual beer place, with a lot of friends, with tinyMovieStar enjoying the party. She’s was up a bit later than usual, but seemed to have fun.

Why ? WHY ?? 🚽🎯 ??

Seems like I’ll be working tomorrow. Work has been so scarce that now it feels like an annoying chore. Can’t really say no, but would love to.

I stopped biting my nails decades ago. This would be a good moment to get back into that. I won’t, but it would.

Done a few trips on roads, but this was the one that could have been THE road trip. It only lasted 24hrs, but it was on the 66.

🎱 🇺🇸

Not ready for another day, but the sun is rising, so I guess that’s it. I needed around 23 hours of extra sleep today.

Too tired to use my thumb and scroll.

Meanwhile we crossed the 1000/day new cases line on the Covid front.

Around one hour on our walk, enough for 4K (we’re not running here, for sure), and still had to stop for a box of WaterWipes.

Later is haircut time, so I’m guessing no time for beer today, except the one at the barber…