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Watching a video about a photographer’s daily life, when that photographer works for the US Air Force. I like planes, I like photography, why not? About halfway through the fast paced video, he gets to his hotel room and is about to show us his equipment.
He throws the bag onto the bed, and proceeds to remove lenses and bodies from said bag, flinging them around, lenses crashing into bodies and…

And I have no idea what comes next. I couldn’t watch any longer. It was painful to witness such mishandling of camera gear.

The Movie Poster

We’d seen the poster all over the place, at Bairro Alto. movieStar loved it.

The Woman Who Ran, by Sang-soo Hong.

Would I be able to get it for her ? I had to try.

Luckily it’s showing, will be, at a local theater, one we walk by every day.

It’s closed now (another covid side-effect), but there was someone inside. I gestured and the gentleman came out. I inquired about the possibility of getting one, and he said there were none left, he was sorry. I told him movieStar loved it so much, I had to try, and thanks anyway.

He was lovely, and promised we would save one for me when they were done. In fact he promised to save the whole collection, they are showing four movies of the same author!

We have a saying here: “Quem tem boca vai a Roma”, roughly translates as “If you have a mouth you can go to Rome”. Today that came true. We’re going to Rome, or Korea. By now it doesn’t even matter, I’m willing to just go 😊

Amazing new project by @gregmoore, Sticker Doodle is going straight to my feed reader.

Announcement post can be found here.

Status Report

While hunting for stickers, this one came up.

Thought about you, @helgeg.

Holy Pizza

Have a slice! 🍕

The Rain is Back

After a nice couple of weeks with fair weather and lighter clothing, it’s rainy time again. It sucks.

Holding an umbrella in tinyMovieStar’s face is a temptation she can’t resist, and she’s moving back and forth the whole time. One less available hand too. A heavier jacket, one that can keep her covered. Added weight.

We did two and a half hours today, so far. Went to the bakery, and that added a bag of bread to the whole thing.

It was a great walk, all things considered, but an exhausting one. We are walked slower, trying to keep us closer to home, but still managed a very respectable 7.1Km (4.4 miles for the rest of you) in the end.

We met a colleague from the newspaper times, one of the people I respected the most. Felt really nice to see her.

Sound is not measured in decibels any longer. We now have a scale we like to call “Will she wake up with this racket?”. It’s a simple yes or no. That’s it.

New things being built behind closed doors.

At least there’s a nice construction site door.

Almost time for the afternoon walk! Boot up, and get ready!

There may, or may not, be a beer waiting for us at the garden.

In these two streets at Cais do Sodré, there’s Tokyo, Jamaica, Oslo, and Texas!

I’m sure I’m missing others…

Happy birthday, Mr @Gaby! 🥳🎁🎉


I can’t even tell you how many times we have to wait for drivers to stop when we’re trying to cross the street, or when we’re actually crossing the street already.

I can’t say we’ve had close calls, but that’s entirely on me. Living here for so long has turned me into an extra careful pedestrian, and a lucky one so far.

Sometimes we’ll wait while three, or four, or five, cars speed by, some drivers even looking into my eyes, unfazed, before we’re allowed to cross the street.

“Thank you very much, Mr Driver, of course we’ll wait for the privilege!”

I do love the city. My fellow countrymen? Not so much. We still have a LONG way to go before we reach an acceptable stage in human behavior.

Word that has absolutely no meaning in this country: crosswalks.

We’ve found ourselves at this dark place again: there’s no coffee in the house!

NO COFFEEEEEE!! 😩☹️🥺😭❌☕️

The Old Lady

Leftover from today’s morning walk.

It’s another Friday around here 😓

The River

The Tejo (or Tagus) is an incredible river. It’s impossible to imagine the city without it. And yet, a lot of times, it feels like it’s something no one thinks about.

Sure, you can find people at Cais das Colunas, and all the way to Cais do Sodré, the renovated part. They’re enjoying the water view, there are a couple of kiosks selling food & drinks, there are musicians playing their guitars, and you can catch a glimpse of what life could be if the rest of the river bank got the same kind of attention. Sadly, it does not.

(For those not familiar with the city, this part is a very very small section of the river front.)

On most of what’s left, kilometers of it, you’ll find parking lots, warehouses, semi derelict, a few restaurants and clubs, marinas, but it all feels very much abandoned.

Homeless people call it home, the smell of piss mixed with the scent of the river, and poorly graffitied walls are the norm.

Today we went to Lapa, one of the fancy areas in town, and walked down to the river. We crossed the train tracks, and walked a bit along the water. It’s not nice.

A few people running and cycling, but that’s it. It’s mostly an empty area, until we get closer to the station at Cais do Sodré. Once there you can expect the usual crowd that seems to gather at every single city train station in the world: winos, junkies and other assorted people dealing with addiction and homelessness.

We were looking for the nice man playing the saxophone, he was so sweet yesterday. There was no one else around, he played for tinyMovieStar, she loved it, we danced. We were not carrying any money then, and we were about to fix that. He was not there.

We walked back, the usual climb. Not sad, but a little disappointed. With everything.

One Time Only

The only time I rode a motorcycle with three wheels. It was fun, but really slow 🤣


Seems like the sun decided to go somewhere else today. Back to gray and windy walks… 😢

Why Would You Do That?

I’d seen it drive by, but always too noisy and speeding, so I couldn’t get a proper look. Then I found it parked. Still can’t picture myself riding (driving?) one of these around.

tinyMovieStar having yoghurt with chopped strawberries.
Next up: daddy has a beer at the garden!

Change of pace today. Off comes the Apple Watch, back on the G-Shock train. I missed this one…

DW-5600TB Throwback ’80s, I believe this was the last purchase made, back in Kuala Lumpur.

G-Shock DW-5600TB Throwback ’80s Street Fashion Colors

Happy Days

Long walk this morning, down to Rossio and on to the river, along it for a while until we reached Cais do Sodré.
We were met by two friends and made our way back with them, up the hill, until we were home.

Enric and José, a couple of great photographers and avid walkers, as I guess most photographers are.

I really enjoy walking alone with tinyMovieStar, but having company is a very welcome change. After all the time we spent locked at home, talking to people over the phone, texting and video calling (not a fan!), it’s great to be able to meet people, look at their faces, and actually talk.

We even took longer than the usual two hours on our walk, the little one was getting a bit hungry and sleepy. That’s not a good mix. Sorry about that, tinyMovieStar!


Photo-wise it was a slow day. Lots of photos from both movieStars, a handful of stickers added to the collection, but not much else.

We did walk by the area where we used to live. Still having heavy road work done, so it’s a bit messy, but it actually improves the place on Sundays. There’s no work then, and the streets end up remaining pedestrian-only, for the moment. If there’s an area in town that would be awesome with no cars, this is it.