{micro maique}

My wrist is screaming Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at me!

Why do I have to shoot this much, when I know I’ll regret it when the time comes to pick and edit??

change their names, ate thousands of dollars’ worth of sushi, and then changed their names back.

🔗 Taiwan’s punishing work culture is forcing young people to game the system - Rest of World

Picking photos with Dark Minimal Techno Trip Live Radio 24/7 Dark Monkey Music station blasting on lofi.cafe. Not the easiest of tasks, maybe I should pick a less agressive station…

Hello again, Lightroom. Can’t really say it’s a pleasure to see you again…

The View

Nice view from yesterday, even with the poorly parked car getting in the way.

The Pink Chair

In-laws went to the countryside last week and got tinyMovieStar the most amazing chair! It’s the sweetest thing, typical from that area of the country.

Guess who wants a full sized one now?

Vaccine appointment confirmed, getting it on the 7th. Yay!


Status Report

Reading the Micro.blog timeline, lying down.

Old School

Long time since I’ve seen one of these.

Plan for today: going out of town. Not far, not for too long, but going.

As long as the pandemic persists, we will all need to be flexible and solicitous of those around us, and we will all need to wear a mask in certain situations.

🔗 Mask Mandates Will Come and Go and Come Again

Trying to watch an episode of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown series, and it’s impossible to find it on the streaming platforms. Looked on Netflix, Amazon, HBO Portugal, and even YouTube. Couldn’t find it. What is a person supposed to do? 🏴‍☠️?

Morning Light

Restauradores Square looks great in the morning.

Testing something at theLab.

Not sure what to do with it at the moment, but think Raindrop embeds could come in handy for something.

That is one more reason why Belarus’s devilish gambit should lead to stiff punishment: The law is little protection, so if norms go, there won’t be anything left.

🔗 How the Belarus-Ryanair Incident Changed the World

The weather is great.

The kind where you go-to-the-square-and-have-beers-with-friends-and-come-back-home-close-to-9PM-and-leave-the-windows-open weather.

Feels awesome.

It’s rare to go one day without a mass shooting in America.

🔗 Every mass shooting in the US – a visual database | The Guardian

It’s a sad, LONG, page 😢

Here we go again…

Big Mail - Upgrade your inbox


Reading Session

I don’t think she was really into the books yesterday, just enjoying her sofa.

We were both too tired, but none willing to let go. Plenty of time to sleep later!


Despite all the craziness of the past two days I did manage to add two photos to one of the longest running silly projects I’m shooting, xMarksTheSpot (small sample).

Two literal Xs, but there you go…

One is even a doubleX!

Cherry on today’s cake: vaccine appointments for my age group are now open online, booked for the 7th of June. A week and a couple of days from now I’ll be getting my first shot. Yay!


Back home, after another grueling day at the office.

tinyMovieStar is WAY past her bedtime, extra tired, but refuses to go to sleep now that papa is back!

That’s what we get after a year of staying at home: away for a few hours, and we miss each other SOOOO much.

Learned my lesson yesterday. Today I had two HUGE doughnuts as dessert! Ready for a full afternoon shower of shutter pressing.

9.30PM, in bed.

That’s life as a tired, old, person.

Let’s see how long it takes until I’m asleep.

Who else updates apps 24 hours after a feature was talked about?

NO ONE, that’s who! @Vincent is the only one! ❤️