{micro maique}

Packed car. Ready for the trip up, or a nap. Guess which one I’m getting?

I need a vacation!
These days at the beach are draining us.

where privacy is afforded, it is afforded by the grace of inefficiency.

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Spain, Again

Another quick trip to Spain, after a morning spent at the beach and pool.

Gas is SO incredibly cheaper there you’ll find the gas stations full of Portuguese filling up.

Also time for a break and a caña.

One of the unexpected perks of this holiday: guaranteed parking place at the beach.

Very handy, summer in here is hell for parking.

Top Shelf

When you want peppers, but your legs are as long as leeks.

Low Tide Beach

Wait for the low tide to cross, or pay the men with the boats. That’s how you do it in Cacela Velha, Praia da Fábrica.

Another One

Post will also come later, but we had an amazing day with friends.

14 days have passed since vaccine shot #2. I can definitely feel the power! 💪🏼

Over twenty years ago I saw something that looked so odd it stayed with me: a Russian family traveling in Egypt, with a nanny. Actually not one family, but a few.

Today I want to be that Russian father! I want to have a nanny around while we try to have a vacation.

What Next?

The little one woke up at 7AM…

We all went outside, she ate, and went back to sleep. Thankfully.

Wondering what we’ll do today. It’s a bit windy.

Day Three

Awesome day with another couple of friends visiting, lunch at amazing local restaurant, and cool beach afternoon. Back home for dinner and sunset. Perfect.

Not a lot of photos, sorry.

But I have a special delivery for @dejus 😊

The View

Cows and, if you look close enough, you can spot the flamingos in the back..

That’s our morning view. 🐮 🦩 😍

There’s a one year gap on my Day One. I just stopped using it, during the most important, and busy, year of my life. Now I want to go back and fill those days with photos.

Castro Marim, Day Two

Yesterday we had a long night. Turns out the core group of friends all decided to come down to the Algarve at the same time, we’re now scattered all over the south.

Two of them came over yesterday at sunset, carrying a ton of shellfish (I don’t eat shellfish, by the way), and we had a great time, eating, drinking, and talking.

Woke up late today, movieStar went to the pool and I overslept with the tiny one.

We then made our way to the border, and crossed over to Spain.
We can see it from the balcony, so why not? It was the first place movieStar went to when she was one year old, it seemed fitting we’d do the same with the baby.

We needed a bucket and assorted tools for the beach, and we needed lunch. We took care of both of those errands, and came back to our own country. Belly full of croquetas, calamares and Spanish beer.

We did keep a tradition of the Spaniards, and it was time for a siesta. It’s too hot outside, not good to be at the beach, and it feels amazing.

After waking up, we did visit the beach. Sea a little too choppy, enough to warrant a yellow flag, but it was great, and we had fun anyway. No swimming, but plenty of sand based entertainment.

Back home, dinner, and the little one is now ready to sleep.
Close to perfect.

We did it: on day two we went abroad! Had lunch in Spain, bought some beach toys for tinyMovieStar, and drove back.

Side effects of the shellfish extravaganza last night: 11:37, still far from leaving home. Late LATE breakfast.

We made it. It’s perfect.

tinyMovieStar had her first pool swim, she couldn’t get enough.
Home for the next ten days.

Last purchases made, and a walk as well.
We have board shorts!

Time for a quick bite and then we’ll load the car. To the top! Feels like we’re back in the 80s, ready to leave for a month.

“Socks? Where we’re going we don’t need socks!”

Packing for ten days, no socks, shoes, sneakers or boots in sight!


One of our closest couples are having a baby! Yay!!!

Time for a beer with friends before we leave 🍺🥰

We both slept like logs, and the little one as usual. We were away from home four days, feels like a month. It’s exhausting!

Tomorrow we leave again. We might not make it, tinyMovieStar will drive back on her own!

Going home today, for a day. Then it’s time to hit the road again.

Porto Preview

Big fan of the city, and sorry we can’t stay longer.

Time for a quick walk around the hotel, Ribeira, Aliados, Clérigos, and not much else.

More photos in a couple of days.

📍 Porto