{micro maique}

So far, so good…

Managed our walk in the morning, met a friend by chance and talked for a while.

This afternoon there’s the pediatrician appointment and another house visit.

The Raven, our city’s bird. Portrait mode screwed it up a bit, but…

Really nice way to end the day. We didn’t get our afternoon walk, but did meet @helgeg, so that was more than worth it.

A couple of beers were shared, and a few friends showed up to top it off.

And Panda Cantina’s ramen is still yummy.

Perfect day.

Thank you, tinyMovieStar, you’re very thoughtful. We appreciate that.

Vroom Vroom…

Who’s there ?

Three is the magic number…

🇩🇰 3️⃣

Done with the weekend and looking forward to this week. It’s a busy one: tinyMovieStar’s fifth monthiversary, pediatrician appointment and we’re finally getting out ID cards delivered! The three of us are getting new ones! Excited for the extra name!

There’s an IPA festival happening today at the local brewpub. Not sure we’ll be able to make it… 😔 🍺

Sunday morning

Rain stopped for a while, it seems, so we went out and walked again.

São Pedro viewpoint, down to Carmo, Rossio and the Station, and up Elevador da Glória, a ruthless climb.

I think but don’t exist

tinyMovieStar was exhausted, slept through it all.

And we’re seeing a rise in infections in the country. Not good.


Managed our walk, no rain so far.

A little over 5K, but some hard climbs en route.
Photos in a moment.

Today we found out tinyMovieStar doesn’t like entertaining at home. Very social outdoors, but don’t even think about meeting us at home! She cried her little heart out when her aunt and uncle, whom she knows already, came inside!

I support her! How could I not ? Look at her!

I forgot I was supposed to attend a workshop this weekend and made other arrangements! That’s what happens when there are so few appointments on the calendar, I don’t even check it anymore.

That one time a teacher made me cry so hard I tried hiding the tears with a camera, and couldn’t.

🇹🇱 😭

tinyMovieStar is almost crawling. She’s doing the commando-style, arm-powered on her belly thing, but almost able to use her legs! It’s amazing to watch.

Set up one of the smaller square widgets on the homepage and the other apps kept getting moved around. So now the widget is gone.

Afternoon walk cut short by a malfunctioning umbrella and a bit more rain than expected. A warm bath was picked as replacement program. No harm done.

🐼 Panda Cantina

There’s a new Panda Cantina, and it’s sooo close to home. Yummy ramen whenever we feel like it. Yay!

movieStar was way more excited than it shows.

Waiting for the downpour to pause, we need our walk and there’s a new ramen place down the street we’d love to try…. 🐼

Raining outside, what are we gonna do ?

Not looking good… Except maybe for you @helgeg.

movieStar’s side, and mine 🍺

Shazam with Picture in Picture! Now there’s a game changer for me! And Things widgets. So many cool updates since yesterday.

Today’s car sighting, a Volvo.

Not a car connoisseur, but the Volvos always look good to me.

Rain stopped pretty quick, so we did manage the morning walk. Sorry about that, @helgeg. Maybe more rain will come later…