{micro maique}

… And We’re Back!

A whole day, nothing but on the road photos.

Still arrived on time to meet the movieStars at the garden. Yay! 🥰

Where Are We Going?

Yes, it’s Dentist Day again!

Crosstown, now with added traffic, and over the bridge. Our favorite day!

But today I’m doing it alone, with our trusty car. movieStars back home.

Be back soon!


It was not an easy morning walk. The little one is still going through some personal issues, and kept asking for mom. I wonder how long before all those teeth are out, poor thing.

São Jorge

Still from yesterday, the cool São Jorge movie theater, on Avenida da Liberdade. Long time since I’ve been inside.

Good morning!

Done for the day.

Another couple of hours of walking. movieStar buried in Teams calls, and then she had time to go grocery shopping. That was it for the day.

The extra traffic makes a difference, we’re more tired after the walk is done.

My life now…


Chaos In Town

As expected, the city is a mess again. Restrictions are being lifted, starting today, and everyone seems a bit too eager to take advantage of the newfound freedom.

Traffic is back. Heavy traffic, with the accompanying honk of the horn (we’re pros at that) and shouting back and forth to other drivers on the road.

Saw a few too many people ignoring red lights, a few more still unaware of crosswalks, and you can smell the gasoline in the air again.

People are having coffee, sitting outside, smoking in other people’s faces.

Oh, how I missed the usual life!

We went down to the river, there are people at Cais das Colunas again, the whole riverside has cars and buses and motorcycles, all moving a meter at a time. For the past months this area felt like heaven, you could hear the water splashing. Not anymore.

Shopkeepers are dusting off their wares, and an inordinate amount of postcards and fridge magnets can once again be seen out on the sidewalks. Yay.

Of course I might be alone in this, and I probably am, all things considered. Everyone seems to be having a great time, I am the one that’s already wishing the lockdown would go on for a little longer.

I LOVED walking with tinyMovieStar in a semi deserted city. Today it felt like we were in a huge city, not the cosy village of yesterday.

Note: I’m well aware the photos aren’t showing the mess. I’m not willing to let go that easily. It was harder to get the photos I wanted, but I’m going to keep trying.

movieStar thinks I’m so sad the restrictions are being lifted that I will personally travel to Wuhan and bring back a bag full of virus to start the whole thing again.

I might.

Getting ready for our first walk in the new partially unlocked city. Traffic is back, stores are opening up again, and I’m actually not looking forward to that. I have enjoyed the quieter days.


Still from today’s walk…

Testing from iPad. Disregard.

Easter Afternoon

Back to the garden after lunch, for another practice walking session and meet with the doggy friends…

tinyMovieStar is fearless!

All the walking and teething takes a toll. tinyMovieStar decided to skip lunch and has been sleeping for three hours now… Growing up is hard!

Easter Walk 🐰

Quick stroll through the neighborhood, with a stop at the garden for a little exercise. No eggs were found.

Who needs eggs when these two are around anyway?

Happy Easter!

The River Rider

My mind keeps going back to this suffering people. When will it all end?

🇲🇲 ✊🏼

Happy Birthday

A kid in the building turned 10, someone wrote this on the pavement. He must have been so happy to see it… 🎉



Saturday, Part I: The Farmers Market

Check. Kale was purchased.

tinyMovieStar walked around a bit, feeling good.

Come Monday we’re having lighter restrictions, and will be able to sit outside at cafes!

Let’s see how long this lasts.

Pedro is the greatest!

Out for a stroll, on our way back home. Both movieStars and that guy.

Garden, walking, Inês and Pedro visit (complete with a rather delicious West Coast IPA), dinner, bath.
That was it. A busy afternoon.

I’ve been writing my quick first impressions on HEY, after a month using it. It’s taking so long it will probably be out after another month.

Guess Who?

Our regular breakfast company!

We know, we Know

We’re all just sooooo tired.

Bank holiday today, so we’re all walking this morning, movieStar included!!

Let’s just hope we manage to stay dry through it all. Is there a dance to keep the rain away? I only practiced to other, more traditional, version…