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February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge

Another Photoblogging Challenge took place in February 2021. Never thought we’d be doing two of these while still on lockdown, but we did.
As usual Jean set this one up and spends many many hours taking care of it. Thank you!

There’s also a Discover page where you can find the participating photos. Keeping with a tradition started on the August 2020 Challenge I’m sharing mine below.

> Day01 : close up

Starting with an old one, since I haven’t been doing a lot of close ups.

> Day 02 : morning beverage

Wherever we find ourselves, there’s no way to get the day going unless two (or three) of these are done with. Sometimes it’s hard to find nice coffee. Others it leads to wonderful conversations.

> Day 03 : comfort

If I had to pick a place where I’ve felt as comfortable as I could ever wish, this was it. Maybe 5 meters to the side, but this is where I was the happiest in my life.

> Day 04 : layers

So many interpretations for the word layers, and yet I can’t remember struggling so much to find a suitable photo. I don’t think I’ve found it.

> Day 05 : pets

It’s been a while since I’ve had a pet. I’m a cat person, but too many of them passed away, I took a break. Then pandemic, and baby, and moving… no cat around. Miss them.

> Day 06 : sport

Never enjoyed shooting sports, although I’ve had to do it a few times. Matches were boring, but I loved some other sports-related stories. Here: future stars.

> Day 07 : craving

This is a time for cravings. We’re missing everything! Food in a restaurant, family members, even a decent haircut.
The thing I crave the most is being back there with movieStar. Give me that and I’ll be fine.

> Day 08 : hope

There’s a fine line separating hope from doubt. You can spend your whole life going back and forth.

> Day 09 : muddy

Took me a while to figure this one out, but chef Ants Uustalu came to the rescue with his friends. At Ööbiku Gastronoomiatalu, somewhere in the middle of the Estonian forest.

> Day 10 : energy

That one day when they decided to teach me how to make a canoe, by hand. The gentleman is 80 years old. I will never have that energy in me.

> Day 11 : machine

Struggled with this one. Vending machines, tattoo machines, cars, planes, trains, old and new… Stuck with the ones that keep me company since I was a young boy: watches.

> Day 12 : sporg

Jackfruit is the main ingredient in Sporg, a delicious dessert made only once a year on this remote island. It takes days to prepare, and you’re lucky if you’re around when it’s ready.

> Day 13 : make

I don’t _make_ things. I wish I could. I do use tools, to make what I make. Usually I don’t shoot the tools, but this time (a while back), I did.

> Day 14 : compassion

Have a heart.
Compassion & Valentine’s Day combo.

> Day 15 : reflection

Sometimes it’s hard to say “No” to a mirror.

> Day 16 : erudite

My father, the encyclopedia.
The reference. I can keep trying, but I’ll never reach his level. He’s the best.

> Day 17 : still

It doesn’t happen too often, it’s actually the opposite of my _normal_ way of photographing, but sometimes I’ll ask people to stand still for a second.

> Day 18 : at home

We’re lucky, we feel at home anywhere, as long as we’re together. But this is where I started calling movieStar “home”.

> Day 19 : alive

The most _alive_ person I know, and she makes others feel alive. That’s a super power, as far as I’m concerned.

> Day 20 : weather

Felt like the sky had exploded, and clouds were blasted in every direction.

> Day 21 : colors

Some countries are more colorful than others. This one has the colors, the smells, the tastes,… It’s not missing a lot.

> Day 22 : spell

As soon as the camera arrived I went out looking for something to shoot. I came upon this girl. Lucky me, she was under a spell, talking to the flowers. Music festivals will to that to you.

> Day 23 : banana



> Day 24 : baby



> Day 25 : code



> Day 26 : favourite



> Day 27 : pompasetting



> Day 28 : up



> Day 29 : ??



> Day 30 : ??



> Day 31 : ??



Themes this time around were also suggested by members of Micro.blog.

Day 1: close up (@crossingthethreshold)
Day 2: morning beverage (@klandwehr)
Day 3: comfort (@gannonnordberg)
Day 4: layers (@gregmoore)
Day 5: pets (@dejus)
Day 6: sport (@canion)
Day 7: craving (@odd)
Day 8: hope (@RossA)
Day 9: muddy (@Gaby)
Day 10: energy (@ridwan)
Day 11: machine (@gubler)
Day 12: sporg (@miraz)
Day 13: make (@aa)
Day 14: compassion (@amit)
Day 15: reflection (@munish)
Day 16: erudite (@joshua)
Day 17: still (@maique)
Day 18: at home (@jaitalking)
Day 19: alive (@annahavron)
Day 20: weather (@stevesmit)
Day 21: colors (@agilelisa)
Day 22: spell (@poetalegre)
Day 23: banana (@OhBananaJoe)
Day 24: baby (@mariovillalobos)
Day 25: code (@muddylaces)
Day 26: favourite (@jayeless)
Day 27: pompasetting (@khurtwilliams)
Day 28: up (@jthingelstad)