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August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge

The wonderful community at Micro.blog got together during the month of August and took part of another Photoblogging Challenge, kindly organized by Jean MacDonald (@macgenie).

I couldn’t miss this one, the first since I became a member, and riffled through the archive, once more, looking for photos that would fit the themes. At the same time I decided to re-edit them in black and white, something I don’t do normally.

In the end I thought they might be on a separate page, away from the chaos of the blog… Hope you enjoy them.

> Day01 : up

First one for the challenge, and I might just try to do it all in black and white.

> Day 02 : floating

Always very literal, I am.

> Day 03 : bug

That’s as close as I’m getting to this thing!

> Day 04 : peace

I never felt at peace until I met her.

> Day 05 : flow

Buddhist monks during a walking meditation.

> Day 06 : **bisect **

Splitting the desert, moon looking over.

> Day 07 : daytripping

Around the island by boat. Be back for dinner.

> Day 08 : view

Woke up to this view on my first night on the island. Still my favorite, all these years later.

> Day 09 : black-and-white

Doing the whole challenge in black and white, unusual for me, made this one trickier, since they all fit this particular theme. This one was almost b&w already, so…

> Day 10 : windows

After many years waiting for the perfect time, I finally made it to Macau. Cherry on top, I was meeting my brother there. We hadn’t been abroad together for decades.

> Day 11 : transportation

“Needs a little work, but it’s mine.”

> Day 12 : sound

Still keeping it very literal, but this one brings back memories of the sounds of the forest, of the biggest thunderstorm I’ve witnessed, of listening to creole, and a lot more.

> Day 13 : filter

Filtered light.

> Day 14 : among


> Day 15 : silhouette

A part of town I don’t visit often, far from the center. This whole neighborhood did not exist when I was born, in fact I was 27 when the whole thing was built.

> Day 16 : stationary

Sometimes you just have to stop for a little while.

> Day 17 : cuddly

As cuddly as they come.

> Day 18 : grid

Nowadays I’m walking everywhere, no longer in the grid.

> Day 19 : ribbon

After the ribbon has been cut.

> Day 20 : change

Easiest pick so far. Everything changed at 09:28. Every. Single. Thing.

> Day 21 : crunch

I miss the sound of that sand under my feet. Gentle crunch sound, true, but music to my ears.

> Day 22 : home

According to the lyrics, Home is Wherever I'm With You.  
The photo that started the whole movieStar nickname thing. My home. 

> Day 23 : graceful

I could have picked any of the amazing people who live at Roça Sundy, they all share the same gracefulness. Beautiful all of them. This is Nilza, a reference when it comes to women power.

> Day 24 : frosty

The ice-cream man of Mandalay.
Frosty and yummy and, if I ever write a book, I might have the title already. Particularly if it’s not about ice-cream, or Mandalay.

> Day 25 : hope

There is always hope.

> Day 26 : relentless

They fought relentlessly until all the occupiers left their country for good, and they were, at last, able to rule themselves. Took them centuries to achieve that. The East-Timorese.

> Day 27 : overcome

Thinking about the millions of kids who are dealt a very unfair hand, many like their parents were, and have to find the strength to overcome situations that most of us can’t fathom.

> Day 28 : emotions

I’ve never felt so many emotions like I did on this day! Crying and laughing at the same time, still find it hard to believe it happened.

> Day 29 : flake

Can I get away with a photo of a gazillion flakes ? That’s how far my brain is willing to go…

> Day 30 : discovery

We're thrilled, ecstatic, scared, hopeful, inquisitive, a bit lost, and loving it. We're discovering. The three of us.

> Day 31 : love


Themes were suggested by members of Micro.blog.

Day 1: up (@LJPUK)
Day 2: floating (@RossA)
Day 3: bug (@CTD)
Day 4: peace (@dejus)
Day 5: flow (@TheDimPause)
Day 6: bisect (@cdevroe)
Day 7: daytripping (@stevsmit)
Day 8: view (@Florentin)
Day 9: black-and-white (@Gabz)
Day 10: windows (@Miraz)
Day 11: transport (@odd)
Day 12: sound (@rnv)
Day 13: filter (@Spratte)
Day 14: among (@ronguest)
Day 15: silhouette (@crossingthethreshold)
Day 16: stationary (@joelhamill)
Day 17: cuddly (@jemostrom)
Day 18: grid (@JohnJohnston)
Day 19: ribbon (@agilelisa)
Day 20: change (@mitch)
Day 21: crunch (@gannonnordberg)
Day 22: home (@gregmoore)
Day 23: graceful (@jensaplin)
Day 24: frosty (@canion)
Day 25: hope (@maique)
Day 26: relentless (@poetalegre)
Day 27: overcome (@GregMorris)
Day 28: emotions (@dominikhoecht)
Day 29: flake (@kurite)
Day 30: discovery (@matthewlang)
Day 31: love (@vincent)

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