{micro maique}

Running Around

Yesterday we had an appointment with a doctor, setting up a minor procedure for movieStar. Something very simple. We had to call today to arrange a date for it to take place, but were looking at the end of May, as that was the closest available date.

When we called today, at 3.30PM, we were told someone had cancelled their appointment, and we could have their slot, at 4.30PM. We did.

Went to the other side of town, a place we hadn’t been in a while, and movieStar went in, while I took tinyMovieStar for a walk by the river. It’s a very nice place to walk, the river bank lined with trees and grass, and a walkway over the water. There’s a skate park nearby, but we didn’t get there.

An old friend was supposed to meet us at home today, and when I told him we had to leave for the afternoon, he was really cool about it, and joined us for the river walk. Nice to have company, but the little one is so spoiled she resents not being the center of all the attention. She was, as usual, thrilled when we were back on our own.

After an hour movieStar was ready to leave, and we made it back home, just in time to catch the rush hour. Inconvenient, but not enough to dampen our happiness.

That would come a little later, after the baby was asleep. A close friend tested positive for covid, caught it while shooting a movie, on set. And my brother cut his hand while taking a shower at home. Yes, in the shower. He’s now waiting at the hospital for a surgery. Duck!

Wavy & Reddish

Ten Minutes Apart

Crazy weather today!

When Life Gives You One Lemon…

You make lemonade, and a lemon pie, and lemon curd, some lemon cookies, lemon cake, lemon ice cream, lemon wafers, lemon mousse, lemon bars, lemon yoghurt,…



Back from the birthday party. Dead tired.

It wasn’t even that long, or crowded, but all interaction is soooo draining! People are nice, and we are nice to them, but when we leave we feel like we breath again.

@Gaby, unaware, also kept me company through most of it 🤣

Nowadays I always get nice photos too! After sooooo many years without photos with me on them (a nasty side-effect of always being the photographer), I’m now blessed with a photographer wife!

Thank you, movieStar! ❤️


We managed to get away for a little while, after the work part of the day was done.

Perks of living close to the beach, we grabbed the car and took tinyMovieStar to one of the closest ones available.

Water cold as hell, but still fun. She does not like cold water.

Single Shot

Busy walk, with plenty (too many) phone calls, and a single shot for the helloYellow series. Also, anyone still using those to mail actual letters?

💛 🪲

I guess we have a fan of Korean movies…


Smaller walk, nothing to report. Just these random shots.

The Pouch

There was a time when every single photographer in town, and pretty much everywhere I met them, had a Domke bag. It was either that or, if you were fancier, a Billingham. That was before a ton of other bags and backpacks showed up, before the slings, the messenger bags, the totes… well, it was a long time ago. If you had cameras and needed serious and reliable protection, you had one.

One thing I loved, and still find it applies, is that products of both these brands look nicer as they get older, and the opposite happens with the newer brands. A decent backpack from a nice brand looks miserable a year later, and the added patina on these just makes them look better.

Anyway, this particular pouch is part of a set of four I got decades ago, with the belt and a camera bag. I’ve gone through other bags since, but the pouches still remain. Every time I’m packing my bags I’ll throw them in, even if I think I won’t need them. Sometimes I won’t use them at all, but I’ve found myself grabbing them from the bottom of the bag, happy that I’ve kept that tradition alive, glad they came along, more than once.

This one has been to a few continents, it’s been rained on, it was left smelling of forest fire a few times, muddy, covered in all sorts of dust. It’s been to palaces, boardroom meetings, shantytowns, and refugee camps. Seen a few presidents in its lifetime, a ton of homeless people, and has literally been to war. It’s gone fishing, hunting, attended a multitude of sports events, and boring meetings more than both of us had wished for. It went through a lot of campaign trails, and election nights. It went to a few movie sets, the opera, the theater, concert halls, music festivals and the odd puppet street performance. It has visited churches, mosques and Hindu temples. It’s been to the Wailing Wall!

It’s been with me for as long as I can remember, and these days it’s used for the coolest assignment ever: carrying baby supplies! It has baby wipes, juice packs and snacks!

Every time we’re out walking, the pouch is coming along.

We’re never too far from home, and it’s probably missing the travel as much as we do, but the mission is the most important it has ever been entrusted with: to keep us going.

I wonder what’s next for this eternal pouch!

Welcome to Texas, … Italy?!?

🇺🇸 🍕 🇮🇹

They’re Back Too!

These, and the gentlemen selling sunglasses. They outnumber the tourists, 100 to 1, but it feels great to see the local fauna back in the wild. NOT.

Soon it will be impossible to go to the river and not being offered drugs again. The city is healing.

To the River and Back

One of tinyMovieStar’s favorite stops, and mine as well. So glad this is within walkable distance from home.

Just Like the Old Days

Mansinho, Nuno, and me, having a beer at Cerveteca, when the sun is going down. Felt good. Really good.

Special thanks to movieStar, holding the fort.

Kangaroo Style Again

Feeling a little better, enough to go Kangaroo again for two hours.

The Parliament, French Bakery, Starbucks, we did it all…

No Photos Day

Feeling a bit under the weather, and today we took the stroller, so no photos. Having both hands holding the thing is not great, harder to shoot. We also cover a LOT less ground this way.

Only photo today, taken from inside a chat on Telegram, letting movieStar know where she should meet us. Exciting stuff.

Yesterday at Guincho

It doesn’t matter how many times we drive through here, we always feel blessed that this is so close to home.

Not even stopping, just shooting from the drivers seat. tinyMovieStar missed it this time, she was sleeping in the back.

Mother’s Day (Outdoors Edition)

Trip to Cascais, lunch with grandparents. Happy at the golf course.

Mother’s Day

Blessed to have them in my life. To have them be my life.

Back to the Square

After a Saturday morning equal to all the other Saturday mornings, we had lunch at my parents, as we do every Saturday. We came back home, a tiny nap for the tiny one, and back out for a walk.

We went to the old square, the lovely place we left a few months ago. Grabbed a Double IPA at the usual place, and kept on walking.

We wandered through the familiar streets, past the veterinarian, and on through the Bairro Alto, again. Fun walk, lovely weather.

It’s Here

A little past one, the package arrived. Another present from movieStar, and a gorgeous one at that.

Just in time to still be able to leave the house and meet the girls halfway. Perfect.

(Screwed the color balance on the first one)

From when she was really tiny, hungry, and had amazing eye-hand coordination already!

Also the day tinyMovieStar learned all about HOT, HOT! 🥵

Promo Shooting

That one time we were doing a photo shoot to advertise the activities at the hotels, and then I had to go into the water and rescue movieStar.

Fun times.

🇸🇹 🏄🏻

We Made It

The little one is in bed. We will be soon.

The madness began early in the morning, and it’s about done over 12 hours later. But we made it.

The afternoon walk had a beer in it, with Pedro, Nuno and José keeping us company. tinyMovieStar, always the charmer, kept smiling at them, at least in the few moments where her teeth would not bother her too much. She’s as strong as they come. Always trying to keep a happy face, even when we can tell she’s in a lot of pain.