{micro maique}


Finished for today.

Three days in and my nose is bruised from wearing the darn mask all day long. Still nine to go, and the band aids are already in place.

See you tomorrow.

That Morning Mood

Breakfast is such a happy moment at the studio…

Pitkä Päivä

Almost 15 hours later, back home. Sorting cards, charging batteries, getting things ready for tomorrow.

Will sleep a couple of hours and I’ll be on my way, again.

See you soon 😔

Afternoon Mix

Last walk for a while, and a few errands.

Depressed City

Just so you don’t think it’s all pastel buildings and sunny days…

Smaller walk, and somber photos.

It’ll be two weeks before I can take tinyMovieStar on a walk, and I’m already feeling blue.

Last time this happened it wasn’t good.


On the way to the old place today we did a remake of what is one of my favorite movieStar photos.

Autumn, and thousands of kilometers away from the original one, but still having fun.

Final Pieces

Trying to finish the Endless Move, made another trip to the old home, and loaded the car with a few more boxes and bags.

Still some trinkets to go, but we’re getting there.

This week I’ll start the Finnish assignment, so I’ll have no time for moving duty.

Curfew Weekend 02

We’re stuck at home, again, from 1PM today until 5AM tomorrow, and the same the next day.

We went for another coffee run, ordered delivery again for lunch, and are now trying to get a nap. Let’s see how that goes.

Good Morning


Paris Match

Love the photo. Nice cover.


Nice side effect of the move: my Mullvad stickers showed up!

They were long lost, and I’m happy one can finally make it to the laptop.

Slow evening. Walked a bit, had a beer, talked a little, and came back home.

Auto-Palace, coolest garage in town.


Leftovers from the morning walk.

Getting closer

No one expects to have a normal Christmas by now, but the decorations are still being set up.

Curfew Day Two starts with a nice surprise from the neighbors across the street. Not a great photo, but it was a nice sight for us city folk… 🦚


Can’t leave the house from 1PM to 5 AM tomorrow. That’s how our weekends are now. Thanks, covid.

We did our walks, our supplies were bought, and now we just have to wait for tomorrow…

A nap would be lovely. And a couple of episodes of something.

Friday, 13th

It was a pretty normal day, everything considered. Final day before the curfew, so we did our two walks, had lunch with parents, watched some TV.

Got some ice cream and beer to help us through the weekend. Ice cream will not survive today. Let’s see about the beer.


We walked, had lunch at our favorite pizza place, drank a bit, in-laws visited the new place, and Ubered dinner.

movieStar spent half a day on the phone, answering happy bDay calls. Why are people still doing this ? Beats me.

Not a bad day, in the end.

“Yeah, I’m teething. Is that a problem ??”

Her Day

Today is movieStar’s day. In reality every day is her day! She is the most amazing woman on the planet.

We met on this day, and found out tinyMovieStar was a girl on this day as well.

It’s a great day. The best day.

I did get some fog in the end…

No foggy photos today, just a foggy brain.

Here, have some coffee!


Misty Morning

It didn’t last long, but it was nice while it did.

tinyMovieStar pondering the upcoming curfew… 🦠