{micro maique}

That one time a teacher made me cry so hard I tried hiding the tears with a camera, and couldn’t.

🇹🇱 😭

🐼 Panda Cantina

There’s a new Panda Cantina, and it’s sooo close to home. Yummy ramen whenever we feel like it. Yay!

movieStar was way more excited than it shows.

Raining outside, what are we gonna do ?

Not looking good… Except maybe for you @helgeg.

movieStar’s side, and mine 🍺

Today’s car sighting, a Volvo.

Not a car connoisseur, but the Volvos always look good to me.

Rain stopped pretty quick, so we did manage the morning walk. Sorry about that, @helgeg. Maybe more rain will come later…

Orange Power! @odd

Chef Ants Uustalu, from Ööbiku Gastronoomiatalu in Estonia.

Close to five months old and seeing rain for the first time. What kind of sorcery is this ? Water coming from the sky ? Where is all that blue above us ??

No rain

Rain still hasn’t shown up, so we went to a new grocery, and walked a bit around the block. Some more businesses are closing, while others seem to be unaffected.

Maserati is gone, while upscale restaurants are open as usual.

New hipster bow tie shop just opened.


Replacing the old (super slippery) pavement with newer one, with less slippery blocks thrown in.

Calçada Portuguesa is a beautiful thing, but can also be tricky and dangerous. A couple of weeks ago movieStar fell down on a steep street, while carrying tinyMovieStar.

Rain will probably keep us from walking today. So we’re reminiscing…


Busy Day

With the house visit and the back and forth to get the borrowed car, drive to the dentist, and return the vehicle, not a lot of time left.

We’re making an offer on the house, then have two weeks to rent our own. Should be a fun couple of weeks.

Missed the Apple event.

Leftover from Burgau, that bus stop…

👾 🚌

movieStar, quietness expert.


And iconic.


We live on the first floor, on an area with a few tourists, we got used to the sound of Google Maps’s sound telling then where they should turn and what directions to follow.

Today I spotted these ones, with a paper map and strangely enough, being Spaniards, a Portugal shirt.


Went up to Estrela Garden to meet another couple with a baby daughter, long time friends of ours.

The kids playground has a ton of police tape all over, trying to keep kids out of there, but no one seems to care, and the kids are actually playing with it!

Slow afternoon

Lunch with mom&dad, afternoon nap and walk after that. Slowly, still recovering from the week down south.

Mom. I would say somewhere in Germany, sometime in the late 70s.

As cool as it gets.

Back Home.

We’re back in town and I’m already missing these past few days.

It was amazing. Tiresome, but amazing. The girls are awesome, I feel lucky and blessed every single day. Here, or anywhere else.

It was really fun, but it’s time to go back home. Very short vacation, but felt so great after all these months in the city. And great choice of location to test the waters (pun maybe intended) regarding traveling with tinyMovieStar.

Another sweet day at the beach… 🥰🌴

Street Art also available in Lagos…

👾 ☀️

Lagos, Day Two

Lots of driving around, but ended up at the same place as yesterday: Meia Praia.

Went to Sagres and Ponta da Piedade, and Alvor (yuck!), but tinyMovieStar is always asleep when we get somewhere, so we just keep going…

She’s getting spoiled, and we kinda love it.