{micro maique}

Yeah, I know how you feel…

On the way back, a very different atmosphere on the bridge.

Back from a lovely drive to the other side of the river, had to go visit the dentist. You wouldn’t necessarily know there’s a pandemic going on just by driving. A LOT of people on the road, close to normal. Masks on when you stop somewhere, but the feeling I get is that people are relaxing a bit too much.

On my way to the dentist. Feels nice just driving around, after staying home for so long.

On the other hand, I’m using the wee hours of the morning to tweak the theme on {micro maique}. Not the easiest thing to do on the iPhone, but it’s coming along. Still, it’s amazing what you can do with a couple of apps!

Aurora and Textastic save the day.

Let me know how you think this is coming along.

Fatherhood is great because you can ruin someone from scratch.

Jon Stewart

We’ve been stuck at home for a long while, and we miss our time on the road.


Will it work embedding photos from my Flickr account ? 📷

“So… what have you been up to ?”

As I couldn’t sleep, again, I decided to fully subscribe to micro.blog, and set up {micro maique}. I imported the Wordpress posts, and I now have the new blog going…

Picked a theme, tweaked the color, made an About page, checked to see if it was being crossposted to Twitter (it is) and, bam, it’s 6AM!

All of this on mobile, still no need for a desktop!

Posts (and pages) done on my trusty Drafts.

Now… should I transfer the xanatoNet domain and start using it here ? The poor thing has been through so many blogging platforms, one more wouldn’t hurt, would it ?


Soon (very soon) I’ll be one of the world’s experts on diapers, wipes, and all the other baby paraphernalia.

Dogs get most of the love around here, but I’m a cat person at heart.

Even though we have no night/day, as regular people tend to, the ‘day’ part seems to go surprisingly fast. Diaper change, diaper change, diaper change. We’re done.

Lagunitas IPA + Tyrrells Sweet Chili = Relaxing Times

So, instead of spending wayyyy too much time on Twitter and Instagram, I now spend wayyyyy too much time on Twitter (two accounts), Instagram, micro.blog, Wordpress, Mastodon, and GitHub.

If you’re using Micro.blog on iOS, Gluon (https://gluon.app) seems like a really nice way to interact with it.

Things are getting back to “normal” at the supermarket, with “normal” being masks on everyone’s face and still getting those looks when you get a bit closer to someone.

Breakfast (a cup of coffee) at noon. That’s what you get when your baby cries through the night.

I keep forgetting about Mastodon! I’m also available in that flavor: mastodon.social/@maique

“Did you know that in Japan there are 3 ways to say “I love you”? You say “Daisuki” for friends and guys you like, you say “Aishiteru” for a more serious relationship and you say “Koishiteru” to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And they follow this rule. That is one of the things I admire about them. They didn’t make “I love you” lose its meaning like us.”

  • Author Unknown (to me)

Today: set up a Wordpress (.com) for microblogging. Connect that to micro.blog. Set up @draftsapp to post to Wordpress.

I can now write in Drafts and press a button. That shows up on mrBatsu.wordpress.com, gets pushed to micro.blog/maique and tweeted by @mrBatsu_

One button.

I will try to spend a week without buying another app. I will try to spend a week without buying another app. I will try to spend a week without buying another app. I will try to spend a week without buying another app. I will try to spend a week without buying another app.

Tomorrow is a new day, I’m betting it’ll be very similar to today.

Another one getting close to the end.

Today’s entertainment courtesy of Kingpin Bowling (https://apps.apple.com/pt/app/kingpin-bowling/id1279551167?l=en)

Thinking, thinking, thinking..