{micro maique}


A few - maybe a lot - of outtakes from theAmazingHoneymooon and other places we’ve visited.

Since we’re stuck inside for a few months now, with no work at all, I decided to go through the photos I took during this amazing trip, and edit a couple of them to keep me busy. Here they are, hope you enjoy them.

🇯🇵 japanBsides

🇭🇰 hkBsides

🇰🇭 cambodiaBsides

🇱🇦 laosBsides

🇻🇳 vietnamBsides

🇮🇩 indonesiaBsides

🇲🇲 myanmarBsides

🇸🇬 singaporeBsides

🇹🇭 thailandBsides

🇲🇾 malaysiaBsides

It’s not all Asia, so here you go, other places in the world….

🇬🇧 londonBsides

🇲🇽 mexicoBsides

The collection is growing by the day, still a few more countries to add.