{micro maique}



Hey there, my name is maique.

I’m a geeky photographer, who toots & tweets. Maybe too much.

I’m married to movieStar and we have a brand new baby, tinyMovieStar.

I have some photos on flickr, there’s a sort of life log on instagram, and, if you’re looking for an official site, there’s one at maiquemadeira.com.

Oh, and you can read ‘maique’ as ‘mike’. That’s how it sounds when a Portuguese reads it…

Home is sweet and sunny Lisbon. Home is also the lovely island of Príncipe.

If you’d like to get in touch, or just to say hi, you can do that on Twitter, Telegram, Mastodon, or the very classic contact form (yep, got one of those too).


If you enjoy the content I’m sharing, either here or on the photo social sites, feel free to help support my extravagant lifestyle.


I will thank you forever.