{micro maique}

{micro maique}


I know, I know, I’ve said I wouldn’t subscribe, I’ve said I don’t need it, I’ve said… well, so many things.

And yet, here I am, a new HEY subscriber.
Giving it a chance.

After a couple of mentions on Micro.blog (are you ever the enablers!) I took another look at the service, the feature set, the long video (Take a tour of HEY), and decided to give it a try.

I did have a fresh new avatar that is perfect for the whole HEY look, so why not ?

The stickies, bundling of emails, notes on threads, clips, tracking pixels no more! There’s a lot to like there. I dove head first before the trial was even over.
I’m still not thrilled with the cost of using it. It’s not even crazy expensive, but adding to that the cost of Fastmail, it is on the top of the yearly subscription price for me.

Also, what @jack said

No more fretting over which client to use.

I had moved away from Spark, even though I was happy, to Mailmate and Canary. Now, even though I was happy, I moved again. This constant craziness with testing new apps, new services… At least for a year, no more of that.

Anyway, it’s done, time to enjoy the first year.

Oh, one more thing, if any of you started using the World blogging thing, feel free to leave the URL, I’d love to start following you over there as well.