{micro maique}

{micro maique}

The Live

Highlight of the day: trying to help one person get on an Instagram Live with another one. Trial run for tomorrow’s live Live.

I went live with the host, no issues. Somehow the guest couldn’t.

I did a video screencast, several calls on WhatsApp with the host, who was on the phone with the guest. He still couldn’t manage. Kept getting a “Couldn’t join Live” message.

Searched online for reasons why it might be failing. Relayed those.

Guest is a first time user of Instagram, never touched the thing before.

I tried everything, in explain-it-like-I’m-five style: tap the little house, when you see the circle on top, tap that… nothing worked. Patiently tried to figure out what was wrong. Couldn’t.

Went out for a walk and, upon returning, movieStar, who stayed online with them, told me they had finally cracked it: he was using Instagram on the Mac. Never crossed his mind that it needed to install the app.

Problem solved.