{micro maique}

{micro maique}

Flickr Vs. SmugMug

Just thinking out loud over here, and very premature as well, but today I was thinking about Flickr, and something came up.

I’m on Flickr for many years now, and I’ve kept my account PRO for as long as I remember. It’s my main archive, truth be told. It’s easier to find my way around Flickr than diving into the disks at home.
I’m not a very organised person.

I was grandfathered when they decided to bump the price, but I’ll be paying the same as everyone else in a couple of years.

I wondered how much would that be, and turns out it’s slightly over what SmugMug is charging for what amounts, in my view, to the same feature set, and a couple of other things thrown in.

Am I missing something ?
As far as I can tell the Basic plan would suit me just fine, it sounds like a Flickr PRO account, right ?

Flickr PRO comes out at €65.88/year and SmugMug Basic would cost $55 (around €45) a year. That’s a considerable difference.

Ideas ?