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Lockdown Coming Up

Starting this week (Thursday? Friday?) we’ll be in complete lockdown until the end of the month. Again. Just like at the beginning of the pandemic. Cases have been rising like crazy lately, as expected after the Christmas foolishness, so now we’re stuck dealing with that.

Starting next week movieStar is also going back to work, albeit from home, so I’ll have to do a bit more regarding tinyMovieStar.

I expect to be done with my editing by then, but I’m not totally sure I can manage. That was the original plan, take care of my business before my wife has to start dealing with her, but I’m starting to have serious doubts that it will be finished by then. I seriously underestimated the time needed for this, it’s the first time I’m dealing with this kind of workload with a baby in the house.

We’re still trying to figure out what “complete lockdown” actually means though.

People around here tend to read things the way that best suits them, and that is one reason why the situation has escalated this much. I would love them to behave more responsibly, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. We’ve had mandatory mask use outside forever, and a ton of people still refuse to wear one!

We’ll probably be unable to join my parents for our weekly lunches, and that’s going to be hard on everyone, but a lot people don’t give a damn and just keep on going about their lives like nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

Every weekend, and I mean every weekend, a couple of relatives texts asking if we wanna spend the afternoon watching a movie and ordering some food. We always have the same reply ready: We’re on lockdown, no one can leave their home unless it’s really necessary, and movie watching does not qualify. Every. Weekend.
They should know better by now.

Truth be told we, personally, won’t feel a huge difference. I believe we’ll keep doing our daily walks, that should be allowed. Going to the supermarket will also be possible. And that’s pretty much what we do these days. The only other time we leave the house is for that weekly lunch date with my parents.
Of course I won’t be able to take on new assignments until the end of the month, but I seriously doubt any would show up anyway.