{micro maique}

{micro maique}

What else did I do today

Setting up a page for my photo contributions to the August Photoblogging Challenge.

I’m getting them all together on a page, and noticed the code block could be handy for the comments on the photos, since I’m not posting any code anyway.

The CSS was all messed up for the code block part, and I can tell you editing that CSS file on the iPhone is no easy task. Didn’t want to fire up the computer, and managed in the end, but it takes forever to do that.

Some parts of Micro.blog are not really meant to be dealt with on mobile, I guess. The content editing on pages and other files is slow, messy, and doesn’t work as it should on iOS.

Still a few days to go before the challenge is over, but black and white is so out of the ordinary for me that I’m actually enjoying looking at the photos, and picking them has been too much fun.