{micro maique}

{micro maique}

Footnotes and stuff

I Love footnotes!1

I’m really happy2 that I can finally start using plug-ins on my site!

First one had to be Bigfoot, by @jsonbecker. I had to.

I wanted to try them out, but I had changed a couple of things on the theme3. Today I found it was really easy to do it anyway, @manton has a solution for every issue4.

A couple of lines on two of the files, and I was set. I can now use footnotes on all the posts5!

Also installed Open Graph Cards, by @thatguygriff and now my posts on Mastodon look much nicer.

Bonus: If you’re a Drafts user6, you can add Footnote 2 to your Markdown keyboard, and including footnotes is a breeze.

  1. I really do! [return]
  2. I really am! [return]
  3. Small things, very small… [return]
  4. Duh! [return]
  5. Promise I won’t, don’t worry! [return]
  6. And you should… [return]