{micro maique}

{micro maique}

100 Days, Day 004

Micro.blog, and the state of the internet. My internet.

For years I’ve been doing the same, as far as social media goes. My main network is Instagram, where I’ve posted thousands of photos, and they’re crossposted to Twitter.

I’ve been on both these sites for over a decade, and have a ton of real life friends there, as well as acquaintances and people I call friends, even though we haven’t met yet, and a lot of people I don’t know, but I’m happy to talk to.

Can’t leave these, they still play an important part on both my professional and personal life.

Don’t have an account on Facebook for a while now, the only thing I miss is having people’s birthdays on my calendar. Now I have to input them manually, like an animal, or just miss them altogether. Result: a lot of folks are not getting their birthday messages.

I used to blog back in the day, and I have no idea why I stopped. I don’t even remember how I came up with so much stuff to write about, it seems I had an opinion about every single topic, and I couldn’t wait to share it! But I stopped doing that. I’m still very opinionated, I just don’t share it as often.

I was sharing my life, my thoughts, and I was doing it for myself. Never thought about who was reading it, if anyone was reading it, or what they might think about it. It was very liberating. Somehow that feeling went away, and the freedom to write went away with it. Maybe that was part of the reason why I stopped.

Anyway, we get to 2020, and I miss those days. I missed not writing more when I married movieStar, when we were living in Príncipe, when we did our Asian Tour, when she got pregnant,… I missed a lot.

tinyMovieStar was born, and I found that an excellent excuse to get back into it. I started looking for a place to do it, and came across Micro.blog. At first I thought it would be a nice, easy place to lay those thoughts down, smaller ones and the not-so small, and then I realized it came with an added bonus: a community. And one that reminded me of the old days at Twitter and Instagram: a community of amazing people from all backgrounds, with an incredible array of interests, and the nicest group of people you can think of.

There is very little ego there, only people who go about their lives and share parts of it online. And what a pleasure it is to read about that, and share what I’m going through with them!

I wished the whole of the internet was like that corner where I now spend most of the time!

Most things I share there still get posted to Twitter, and now Mastodon (more on that on a later date), but I’m spending a lot less time with Instagram, and I have a couple of things going on at Write.as, where this post is being published.

I’m having fun online again, with no follower count, no idea how many people are reading this, how many of them like it, or stop following me because I shared one too many silly stories about what I’m going through as a new dad.

It feels great.

This is day 004 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. You can find out all about this project at 100daystooffload.com.