{micro maique}

{micro maique}

PhotoQuotes bot

I long time ago I made a bot for the bird network and today I woke up thinking I might port that one to Mastodon. Why ? I’m spending more time on that network, and would love to see those quotes showing up from time to time (twice a day, at the moment).

They are an inspiration to me, a reminder of what other photographers had to say about photography and life, a daily shot to keep me focused,… They might do the same for you. PhotoQuotes

It was really easy to do, as the tracery file was already being used on the other bot.
Cheap Bots, Toot Sweet to the rescue, and a new Mastodon handle was registered at BotsInSpace. A few tweaks later, and the bot was working.

If you’re into photography, or quotes, or both, you can now follow PhotoQuotes and have those quotes show up on your timeline.

I’ll look for more of them, as the character limit on Mastodon allows for longer ones, and update the bot soon. But there are a lot of them already available.

Feel free to join me and follow this cute bot.

Cover Photo is by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash.