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Paolo From Tokyo

We’re not big YouTube users at our place.

We always make sure to watch the usual Colbert/John Oliver/Seth Meyers/Trevor Noah videos but, other than that, there’s only one YouTuber, of the classic style, that we follow and make sure we don’t miss an episode: Paolo From Tokyo.

We do use YouTube, but usually we search for specific things, and we’re not subscribers of other users on YouTube. Except for this one. We like him.

When we came back from our Tour of Asia, we went looking for videos about Japan (one of our favorite stops on the trip), and came upon a number of content producers from Tokyo (there are a LOT of them!). We wanted to keep living the Japanese dream, and YouTube seemed like a nice way to do it. Somehow Paolo stuck with us, with his huge grin and love of all things Japanese. We binged on his videos for a while, and subscribed. It even felt a bit odd, subscribing to a YouTube feed…

Paolo has a very nice series called Day in the Life that showcases the daily lives of a wide range of people, has street food episodes, ones where he reviews whole neighbourhoods, and showed us some pancakes that will be our first stop next time we’re in Japan. Benitsuru, we’re coming for you! He also makes cool maps for some of the episodes, downloadable on his site.

Recently Paolo and his lovely wife Maiko had a baby (Congrats, guys!), a month after our own baby Clara was born, and they made a new YouTube channel more focused on their daily life. It’s called Tokyo Zebra, same name as his site. We’re already following that one too, it’s nice to see how people handle the whole baby stuff on the other side of the world.

All in all, if you’re looking for informative videos about Japan, with high production value, this one is a no-brainer.

You can find Paolo on:

YouTube | TokyoZebra | Instagram