{micro maique}

{micro maique}

Why Micro.blog ?


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Drafts on xanatoNet.
That got me thinking about blogging again, and I started looking for an alternative to the Jekyll install on GitHub Pages I was using.

I don’t really have that much to say but, when I feel like writing something and sharing it, the whole write - insert YAML - upload to a GitHub repo was getting a bit too much work. If I had photos or screenshots to go with it, even worse.

The apps for that whole thing are available, and they do the job brilliantly, but it’s just too much for the simple needs I have.


As I do most of my writing on Drafts, I went looking for blogging actions I could use. Soon I was looking at the actions available for Micro.blog.

I hadn’t thought about this service for a long time, maybe it was time to give it a second look and create an account.

At first I tried skipping the paid account (sorry for that, @manton) and go at it with a Wordpress being imported into my micro.blog. I did that for two days, and then decided to embrace the whole idea of the site, and handed over the money for a year. Why ? A few reasons.

  • I kept looking for a way to post from macOS and iOS, on the fly, quickly. That’s all I really wanted: no hassle.

  • I wanted to keep a blog, but didn’t want to deal with installing and maintaining software.

  • I wanted to use a markdown editor and type a few words and be done with it. It’s just text, dealing with a blogging app like Wordpress felt like too much trouble.

  • I wanted to be free from categories, tags, themes, and all the mess that usually comes with blogging.

  • I wanted to get away from Jekyll YAML and pushing code to a GitHub repo.

  • I wanted things to be easy.

Micro.blog is…

  1. The fastest way to blog.
  2. A safe community for microblogs.

Micro.blog is all those things, and more. I get my own micro.blog domain, and I can map one of my own (I did). I get an app (iOS and macOS) where I can quickly type some silly things, maybe add a photo, and press a button.

The community around it seems really nice and helpful too.

And… emoji!! They really love emoji at micro.blog!

Topping it all, I can still use a Drafts action to write all my stuff (at least the ones that don’t need a photo). Just type and press a button. If a photo is required, I’ll just upload it and grab the link or, more often, use an app.


If you’re not into Drafts, or want to try something other than what Micro.blog offers, you can pick from a number of third-party apps available. When I need to post a photo I’m a fan of Gluon. Also using it to browse the network on the iPhone.

The micro posts I share over there get crossposted to Twitter, no need to do that myself. Sometimes the follow-up conversation happens on that network, others on Micro.blog.

The help pages have an answer for all the questions you might ask.

I’m happy. If you’re looking for something similar, check them out.

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