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Getting Ready

Getting Ready

It’s time to get going

Boi Beach, best in the world

We’ve had a hell of a year so far, four months on the lovely island of Príncipe, in São Tomé. So far it’s the craziest year ever.

We got married while on the island, and that was the highlight of my life.

But we’ve had a ton of stuff happening as well, things that should have been written down in a newsletter that we promised we’d keep before leaving our country. Yeah, that never happened. There is just too much going on around here, too little time to put things down on pape… well, on digital.

Swimming with turtles, shooting and showing the amazing hotels, meeting the nicest people in the planet, driving through the wildest forest I’ve seen, diving in sunken airplanes, tasting world-class food, hosting visits for a lot of friends who made the trip over, it all happens on this island.

Just don’t go looking for a shopping mall, thankfully there’s none.

Now the time is coming when we’ll leave for Lisbon, spend a week there, setting things up for the next four months. We’re going on an extended honeymoon, and some things have yet to be arranged.

We’re going again, this time Asia and who knows what else. One thing only is certain, Singapore will be our first stop.

We’ll keep you posted. Or try to.

(This post will be updated, I need a TON more photos in here, and there is a lot more to say. Just wanted to set this up before leaving, as I’ll be carrying the iPhone only, no computer and, probably, no camera! What, you say ?? No camera ???)