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Photo Boys And Girls

Photo Boys And Girls

One of the (few) things I’ll miss from editing is the amount of cool photography one gets to see in a normal work day. I was exposed to thousands of photos every single day. It can be quite addictive.

It can get painful after a while, mind you. For every amazing photo you’ll see hundreds of shitty ones, making one wonder how the hell did some of these guys get a job at one of the major agencies in the first place!

But then we have the other ones, the ones I got to know through the years, without ever meeting them. If I was looking for a particular subject and knew one of them was covering it, my search would start there. They always delivered. As soon as I knew they were on the ground, I could relax and move on to the next subject.

Of course a lot of the subjects being covered by those photographers and those agencies are natural disasters, wars, violent protests and such. Looking at dozens of photos of dead children, unprotected old people, poverty and misery, day in, day out, takes a toll on everyone. We all have a limit, I believe I had reached mine. But I know I’ll miss having access to the agencies feed and my head bombarded with their photos, for sure.

Thankfully there’s Instagram and a some of my favourite photographers from the wire are over there too. Not the same, but it’ll have to do. You’ll find some of them below.

Marco Longari | Fred Dufour | Patrícia de Melo Moreira | Navesh Chitrakar | Damir Sagolj | Dimitar Dilkoff | Wong Maye-e | Charles Dharapak| Bulent Kilic

And I’ll always miss working with the guys. Hell, I’ll always miss the guys. A few also have Instagram accounts.

Manuel Roberto | Paulo Pimenta | Adriano Miranda | Nuno Ferreira Santos | Miguel Manso | Rui Gaudêncio | Enric Vives-Rubio

If you like photography, and photojournalism in particular, make sure you follow some of them. Your Instagram timeline will thank you 😊