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Rendang and Old Times

Gold Teeth

Rendang and Old Times

We hadn’t been out of the house yet this year, with the moving and the unpacking and the cleaning and all that. So, on day two, we paused it all and went to Duck Tale with a couple of friends, our first outing of the year.

The restaurant is in my old neighbourhood, it’s always a pleasure to be back in the area. I had the Rendang, a great one, and theLovelyWife had the Pho, something she missed for a while now…

Duck Tale

After lunch we took a trip to the past, visiting a store that we hadn’t thought about for decades, but the first one that jumps to mind when you think about wooden furniture and accessories: Vassoureiro, now known as… Vassourinha Rústica.

If you’re from around here, and you’re around our age, you’ve been to this place before. Long before IKEA came along, we had a couple of furniture shops around that were landmarks in town. This was one of them. It strangely feels the same, all these years later. They seem to be selling exactly the same items too. It’s one of those places you expect to be long gone, driven to bankruptcy in one of the many financial crisis we’ve had in the country since then. Not sure how they manage to stay in business, but we did find what we were looking for.