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iOS Apps I Loved in 2015

iOS Apps I Loved in 2015

The year is coming to an end, I guess I should make a list, right ?

As usual a few apps have been added to the list of favorites during 2015, while some others have been on slinky for a long time now. This year I loved these iOS apps :

  • Copied For the copy/paste aficionado
  • 1Writer Trying out this one, love the actions
  • Reeder Best reader for my Newsblur account
  • Google Photos Not using Google products elsewhere, but this one is cool
  • PCalc Don’t use it that much, but love it when I need a calculator
  • Enlight Still getting my head around this one
  • Wunderground Love that you can pick local weather stations
  • Cloak Be safe
  • Byword Use it a lot, most writing done here
  • 1Password First app that gets installed on every single device
  • Tweetbot No idea how Twitter looks like, every device has this one
  • Transmit Still need to FTP some files occasionally
  • Spark Best email experience on slinky I’ve found
  • Snapseed Dropped VSCO for this, happy with it
  • Whitagram Still prefer this to the new look on Instagram
  • Photosync Upload to Flickr, move to computer, it does it all
  • Weather Line Best looking, can’t remove from home screen
  • Day One Journaling (remind myself to do this more often)
  • 1Blocker Yes, yes, yes
  • Purify Yes, yes
  • Blink Let’s make these links work for me, shall we ?
  • Pedometer++ Simple, clean
  • Shazam Encore Need to fill that ‘Shazamed’ playlist
  • Documents Best document manager by a long margin
  • Deliveries For those fewer and further apart packages
  • Fantastical Calendar.app should be like this
  • Drafts Write now, think later

For a bigger, better and much nicer list you should check Viticci’s My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2015 Edition on Macstories.