{micro maique}

{micro maique}

whatsInTheBag v1.0


We’re leaving in a day, so the time has come to start packing.

My flight carry-on, the bag that will also be with me 24/7 while on the trip, is the old trusty Billingham Hadley. Love it when I’m in town, it’s the bag that I carry every single day. Why would a trip be any different, right ?

Still missing from the shot is the backup watch I’ll be packing. Watches are always the hardest part to pick, and that’s the last thing on the list.

Already in the bag:

  • Fujifilm X100T, extra battery and extra SD cards
  • Sunglasses and reading glasses
  • iPod and earplugs
  • iPhone and charger (6+, so no extra battery for this one)
  • cheap Nokia and charger (for local SIM card)
  • PADI Cards (Rescue, Nitrox and Deep should be enough)
  • USB pen
  • Pocket knife
  • Thailand LP guide
  • Luggage lock
  • Notebooks and pen
  • Passport
  • Domke pack
  • Flashlight

Missing something ?