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Today’s Spot

As far as cool locations in town go, this one is hard to beat.

movieStar out and about with tinyMovieStar, while I get ready for an assignment.

This particular one always makes my heart smile a bit, love getting emails from the Space Agency!

To infinity and beyond!

Currently reading: Out: A Thriller by Natsuo Kirino 📚

New one. So far, good…

Old Habits

Tea time. I just couldn’t let this one go without a photo.

Finished reading: Bullet Train by Kotaro Isaka 📚

Long time since I’ve read one that I couldn’t put down.

Strawberry cake for breakfast: done.

Back, Again

Follow up to Back in Time, last one for today. Sleep tight.

Fun fact: while waiting in the garage we found the place where we’ll spend the time we expected to be in Greece 😂🤣 out of the blue, on Instagram. Happy.


Sitting in the car, inside the garage, looking out. Waiting for tinyMovieStar’s sleep to end 😊

Sunset Sailing

A few more days and we’ll be sailing again.

In the old times these cloudy and darker days would be perfect for snuggling and watching a couple of episodes of some series, while dozing off… Not anymore!

Another day away from the internet.

Went out with the movieStars, met a few friends at the square, had a couple of beers, ate something, came back home, had dinner, and we’re watching a couple episodes of Startup. tinyMovieStar went to bed, that’s why I’m posting.

Busy afternoon. tinyMovieStar meeting her future babysitter (they got along just fine after a tense start), and appointment with a plumber to see about a possible issue that turned out to be nothing.

Busy, but everything turned out fine. Perfect.

Sleepwalking Zombie

tinyMovieStar is now officially cuteZombie, after getting up from bed last night and deciding to join us in the living room, while sleepwalking.

Seems like it’s not unusual, but still strange to witness for the first time.


When you need something to use in a beach, live in a country known for its beaches, and have to follow along as the item makes its way down here, going through all these famous seaside destinations: Finland, Denmark, Germany… 🤣🤣🤣

Kindle Time

I wonder what he was reading?

Greece trip postponed.

Making tinyMovieStar go through the PCR tests, and six flights in two weeks, helped decide that. Thankfully movieStar had bought tickets that can be rebooked.

Traveling these days is still a huge hassle.


Our walks have turned into rides, we’re now using the stroller every day. Less photos, as the hands are always busy with pushing and steering.

Also we don’t go as far as before, this city was not made for strollers. The pavement is awful when one looks closer, and we end up going to one of the many parks available, with plenty of grass to play in, and an assortment of things to keep us entertained in the playground. There’s always a playground.

Today we did just that. A little walking in the grass, a bit of pigeon chasing, picking leaves, petting trees, and then off to the playground. tinyMovieStar loves the swing, no outing is complete without it.

Plenty of moms and nannies around, kids all over. We left the stroller by a bench, and came back to it a few minutes later. tinyMovieStar was asking for the baby. The baby is a doll, but I’ve been conditioned to call it baby. “Not a doll, it’s a baby”, or so movieStar has told me a number of times.

The baby was sitting on the stroller when we left, I told tinyMovieStar to go get it. She got to the stroller and started pointing at a nanny with two kids, maybe 10 meters away. I thought she was just curious, so kept asking her about the baby. And she kept pointing at them.

A whole minute went by, and I looked closer. I could barely see it but, the girl who was hiding behind the nanny was holding a doll that looked a lot like our baby! tinyMovieStar was silent, arm stretched.

I double checked, the stroller was empty, the baby had been stolen!

I couldn’t believe it! I called out the nanny and said “That baby is ours!” in Portuguese. She was from the Philippines, couldn’t understand what I was saying, and yet looked like she was about to panic. “No, No,…” she replied in English. I repeated my claim, this time in English and, as soon as the words left my mouth, it dawned on me!

“No, no, not the baby! The baby!”

Another nanny came over, turns out she was the one responsible for the criminal toddler! This one was German, taking care of a French baby!

The situation seemed like it was getting to a conclusion, but the French toddler was not willing to let go of the doll so easily, and she cried. In French, I suppose. She was told she had one just like that at home, this one was not hers, she would have to return it… more French tears.

The only one that didn’t say a word until the whole thing came to an end was tinyMovieStar. She just waited. And held the baby tight when it finally made its way to her arms.

I’m always scanning the area where we are, always looking at people getting closer, and the ground looking for trash or dog poo, or cigarettes, whatever. I’m the one who likes to think I’m always on. And yet it was tinyMovieStar who spotted the stolen baby, far away, hidden, when I wasn’t even aware it was gone!

I was so proud of her today. Again.

Pretty soon my Raindrop Unsorted folder will look like my old GoodLinks list, or the Pocket list before that, or my even older Instapaper unread list: unmanageable!

Why do I add so many things to my read list, if I have so little time for it?

I literally hold my breath when shampooing my hair, and laundry is a terrible experience. Even fresh-cut grass is terrible

🔗 Covid Survivors Smell Foods Differently - The New York Times

consuming four or five eight-ounce cups of coffee (or about 400 milligrams of caffeine) a day has been associated with reduced death rates.

🔗 The Health Benefits of Coffee - The New York Times

I will live FOREVER!! ☕️

Grateful that we have so many parks around here. Plenty of places where tinyMovieStar can have a good time.

Beer Garden

Our little square is alive again. Tourists are still a rare sight here, but this was never a place with a lot of them.

50 years old, a new hobby: fishing things out of yucky places.


American Day at the square.

(The beer was European…)