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What Do Foreign Correspondents Think of the U.S.? | The New Yorker Documentary

Happy McKid.


Habemus key.

5AM, awake for a hour already.

Get. Back. To. Sleep.



Wish for tomorrow: sign the lease contract. We are moving, supposedly, next week, and still no contract, no key, no water, electricity, internet… it’s going to be a challenging week.

Restaurant menu on paper towel, taped to the outside wall. Can’t get any more typical than this.

Lawyer: “Please pick A or B”
Me: “B”
Lawyer: “So glad you picked C”
Me: “???”

Did the Earn thing on Coinbase, for a few of the crypto currencies. Took less than half an hour, I now have around 50 USD sitting on the wallet. Equal to selling that one photo on EyeEm a million times, and good for a couple of beers…. Hahahahahahah…

Assignment: done!

Back home after the quick assignment, rode back listening to the same song.

The hospital sure looks good, akin to a nice business hotel.

On to the editing part…

Today’s motorcycle ride music, Moonshine Got Me, by Daniel Norgen.

Long enough to get to the hospital with one song.

Another quick assignment tomorrow morning, it’s back to the hospital for some portraits. Home by lunch time, not too bad.

A 2-year-old is like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it. Jerry Seinfeld

Seems like it’s also true for a 6-month-old…

On our way to get some ice cream. Still have to get used to the new hours. Seems like it’s getting dark right after lunch!

Another month, another bag of money rolling in… Thanks, EyeEm!

Wear a goddamn mask! Almost 4000 new cases in the country today.

While you’re at it, use it to cover your nose too! I know it’s hard to fathom, but the nose is also a part of the respiratory system!

New Umbrella

I needed a new, transparent, umbrella.

I need to see where I’m going on our walks. We found the perfect one.

On the way there:

The cool bookstore with the nice window displays.

A classic flower shop.

The Elevador da Glória.

Christmas at Chiado is coming.

Fun times with tinyMovieStar. She now crawls up to things, quite fast, and holds on to them to get up. She’s also “walking”, if we hold her hands. I would expect this to happen a little later, but here we are. I’m now constantly afraid she’ll fall down.

Mum’s Day & More

Morning spent waiting for the package, and also trying to get a present for mom. Surprisingly some shops now open at noon (!), and I simply don’t get it. Dead in the center of the city, one of the places where tourists and locals are abundant. I would expect shopkeepers to do everything imaginable to keep money coming in, and opening at that time is baffling. Then again, I’m not a business oriented person, so I might be missing the point.

Lunch with parents and brother, a bit later because we had to wait for that shop to open. My parents are crazy in love with tinyMovieStar, and enjoy having her around as much as possible. We send them daily photo updates, and a few videos, but seeing her tops all that.

Mid-afternoon quickly arrived and it was time to get back home to help a friend editing some photos for a show and book he’s working on. Amazing work, as usual with this one. We had beer, of course.

Freitag + Secrid

It’s here, finally made it home.

Front and center, the card I never use, but always keep in my wallet. Memories.

Fittingly, the location on this particular one (I had to check) is also truck related. Cool.

Another long day away from Micro.blog. A lot of catching up to do.

At home all morning, of course the delivery attempt was 10 minutes after we left. Damn you, delivery gods!

Still very dark outside, so I’m posting another one from yesterday…

Last two packages coming in were turned away by the Custom Services because there were no import papers, when papers were not required, I’m feeling a little anxious. Woke up too early, afraid I might be disappointed again.

Street Art Car

I know, I know, too many car photos from someone who’s not a car person, but how can I resist ? 😊

The Masked Days

We walked for two hours today, pretty tired by the end of it.

No matter how much I sleep, I wake up feeling I could go on for days if no one woke me up.