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Odd, and Long

Or should I just say “regular” ?

All days seem longer, yet somehow shorter, and the normal is now odd.

We walked our usual walk. We came upon a couple of gentlemen from a construction site (there’s a LOT of that going on, by the way), when they were standing outside a Pastelaria, asking about sandwiches. One of them, the one inquiring about the food, had the thickest northern accent I’ve heard in a while, and it made me miss going up north a lot.

A few steps before we were walking by a wall filled with street art, and I tried explaining about Georgetown to tinyMovieStar. She endured it for a while, and then moved on to something else.

Yesterday a DB Schenker truck drove by, and I missed being somewhere where I don’t fully grasp the language, where I’m not sure if what I’m ordering for dinner is delicious.

Maybe I’m finally missing it all.

Thankfully Nuno came over today, and took care of the bike. She was parked for a year now, and movieStar and Nuno had joined efforts to shame me into picking her up and riding her home.
And we did.
He forgot about the pump for the tires, so she was practically un-ridable, but it was damn fun to do it anyway.
I also missed riding her for hours.

Bruised, but Home

She’s back. Nuno is the best!

As soon as she had a new battery, she promptly started working. Tires missing a lot of air, but she was hibernating for a year, so that was expected. Engine running smoothly.

Welcome home.

February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 25 | code

Not exactly a photo of coding, but I can easily imagine this as a scene in a movie. He would be coding there. Close enough ?

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Maybe your _plan_ isn't great

Halfway through the SmugMug trial, barely used it.
Get an email alerting me to the fact that I only have a week left, and “Don’t worry - we have a plan”. Ha.

They then proceed to try to sell me on their two most expensive plans ($33/month and $51/month).

Wouldn’t it make more sense, since I haven’t even show a lot of interest in trying the service out, to try to sell me the cheap ones, and upsell the most expensive ones when I’m already a user ?

Tomorrow, even with the rain we’re expecting, will be the day when we try to get the motorcycle running again, and bring her home.

Slow Day for Photos

Walked as usual, but no real photos to rave about.

Some items I had to find while out and about, and I did, but felt too tired the get me in (on?) the right state of mind.

I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day. 

Finally managed to uninstall Dropbox. Cleared my hard earned 17GB, and what’s left is now safely stored in iCloud.

Wild Guess

I’m guessing this was not made locally.

Morning walk: check!

Next up: food run.

Later on: afternoon walk.

And we’re done for the day.

February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 24 | baby

Predictably, tinyMovieStar. The word baby got a whole new meaning after this day.

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Some days seem WAY longer than others. Today was one of those days.

The River

New destination today: the river!

tinyMovieStar loved it when she went to the beach, so today I decided to head for the river, that’s as close as it gets around here. The river is very wide, so she might not notice the difference.

On the way there we went down Avenida da Liberdade, home to all the fancy shops, while the next street over is home to all the less fancy ones.

All are closed now, so window shopping is all we get.

Praça da Figueira, Rua Augusta, usually bustling with locals and tourists, is empty. Same at Praça do Comércio, odd with almost no one around.

And we made it to the river. This is where tourists gathered for the sunset, with street musicians providing the soundtrack. Silence is all you get now. The whole area is cordoned off.

As you move away from the river, people start showing up.

Not close to the end of the trial, but I’m finding it hard to justify Mailmate.
A tweak here, a tweak there, but still not convinced. Maybe I’m missing something, or just don’t need the things it does.

Edit: I meant Mailbrew! Oops!

February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 23 | banana

I found more banana photos on my archive than expected, seems like it’s been a constant all through the years, a subject I was unaware of. Not going bananas over it, but…

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Challenge still not over, but had a few minutes of downtime, and got to work on the mbfeb page.

Looking forward to the rest of the challenge, enjoying it a lot as usual. Lots of great photos.

I’m getting ready for your day, @ohBananaJoe 🥳🍌

I’m sure a few are still missing, but still surprised by how many I have!

Back to it

Since it’s Monday, we’re back walking for a decent amount of time. Today it was tinyMovieStar’s 10th monthiversary, we tried finding a new route.

Most of it is known territory, of course, there’s only so much you can do around here, but still managed to get nearly 17000 steps in on both rounds. Not too bad.

We’re now back home, ready for her dinner, then ours, and after that we’ll probably watch a couple more episodes of the series that’s keeping us company for now: The Blacklist.
Somehow James Spader always rubbed me the wrong way, this time I’m able to endure him. I must be getting softer with age.

Thank you, @vincent. First time I’m mentioned on the developer notes!

Just installed, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Ten months of walks in Lisbon for tinyMovieStar! Yay!

February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 22 | spell

As soon as the camera arrived I went out looking for something to shoot. I came upon this girl. Lucky me, she was under a spell, talking to the flowers. Music festivals will to that to you.

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In my quest to use Flickr a little more, there’s a new album, or set, or gallery.
I plan to add a few more photos to it, but first I have to find them.


I had a few of them lined up for a new page on the website for a while now, but somehow never got around to setting that one up.
Hope you like it.

Sunday Report

Rainy morning, so no walk. After lunch we started watching BlacKkKlansman, but had to give up midway, tinyMovieStar had a different idea.

The weather had improved a bit, so we all went out and walked for an hour. Less than we’re used to, but good enough.

She’s getting heavier by the day, and I’m not getting proportionally stronger. One of these days we’ll have to start using a stroller, no matter how much I try to postpone it.

On a related note, the day when I turn 50 is fast approaching, and I’m actually happy, hoping we’re still in lockdown mode by then. It’s the perfect excuse to skip having a party.

Me. Today.

energyLevel = -35

Thankfully we’re not allowed to go out and sit at restaurants, or this would probably be my current situation.


Woke up feeling my night was cut short, by about 25 hours!

February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 21 | colors

Some countries are more colorful than others. This one has the colors, the smells, the tastes,… It’s not missing a lot.

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