{micro maique}

On the other hand tinyMovieStar now stands up on her own two feet. Still not walking, but keeping her balance while busy doing stuff with her hands. It’s amazing to witness all of this.

Election night. Time spent on Twitter goes up a bit.

Election Day, the venue

My old high school. This is where we vote.

Always nice to be back.

Election Day

Today is Presidential Election Day. We’re voting in a while. I don’t want to get into the political part of it (it’s forbidden today), but the current President sure knows how to hug! 🀣


We were lucky to meet him twice on the island.

Also Lisbon

Check on parents ? Done. All is good.
Now back home with the movieStar ensemble, and Tacones Lejanos on HBO.

It’s been raining since we woke up. The kind of rain/cold mix that makes our walks harder. I’m just going out to check on my parents, and then I suppose we’ll spend the afternoon enjoying the heating and a movie or so.

Rainbow Power

Lockdown in place, dreaming of the time when we could stroll our lives away.


Calming Down ?

During our little outing today it felt like there were fewer people out and about, and less cars as well.

Still #1 country in the world, infection wise and death toll.

Back There

The hunt for the umbrellas was on, and they were everywhere!

All I could see by now.


On and on

Stricter measures, maybe this time they’ll work. Finding the same number of people out on the street.

Some just don’t seem to get it. At all.

Congratulations πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Stupidity Update: Yesterday people were walking imaginary dogs, today there’s a report that folks are now renting dogs (Portuguese only, sorry) for those walks!

Also today: death toll: 218.

All Packed

This one felt appropriate for today.

All photos have been edited, packed and WeTransfered to their destinations. Almost 40000 photos seen, around 5000 sent. It’s been going on since last year, but it’s finally done. Yay!

Maybe time for a beer!



Monday. Guess what ? Everybody out on the street! Party Time! Never mind this is the opposite of what you should be doing. Never mind. What’s an extra hundred dead a day ? Morons.

We’re now over the “We trust you to be responsible”, and on to “Go sit in the corner”.

Back to Work

Today movieStar got back to work. She’s been on maternity leave since March and that ended today. Working from home, but less time to take care of tinyMovieStar.

We had planned this for a while, but part of the plan required me to have all the photos from the December assignments edited by now. Turns out editing AND taking care of a baby proved to be harder than expected, and I’m a little behind schedule.
I was supposed to be in charge of tinyMovieStar while her mom works, but we’ll have to split that between us until I’m done with this endless job.

The Beginning and The End

Sometimes things fall into place, unexpectedly. You’re going for a particular shot and, out the corner of your eye, a little extra shows up.

I was lucky.


I miss the days when I didn’t have to open the laptop, and could leisurely go down the timeline, lying on the floor. Where have those gone ?

Exporting Day09! One to go! Maybe we can finish watching Princess Mononoke today after all!

Getting falafel for lunch from the Lebanese next door. We’re set.

One and a half days to go…

Down to the last couple of days, I believe I’ll be done by Tuesday!

I’ll be glad to see the back of these two, regardless of how nice they are (and they are really nice people).

The Umbrella Issue

The umbrellas quickly became one of the things that started showing up on the photos when I browsed through the day’s catch in the evening. They were ever-present.

I had a couple of other ideas before setting foot on the island, but this one took over.



We got invited for a get together, but only after 2PM because they had a padel class before that!
Our reply was short and to the point: “Are you f+%&#$ing crazy ?? There’s a lockdown!”

So, same as yesterday, some people are stupid. And we know them!

Walking, always walking

We spent most of our time in the old part of town, the casinos were not part of the plan. We’d go back to Taipa for the night, but Macau is where we’d be for the day.


Worst Beach Ever

It was probably the worst beach I’ve ever been to. But I never thought I’d find a beach in Macau, and it felt great to visit. I ended up loving that beach, in the middle of the urban chaos of the city.

And I was there with my brother.



Late afternoon we went out again, this time we had a pediatrician appointment. Still loads of people around.

The consensus now seems to be that back in March we were afraid, and not dying, and now we’re fearless, and relentlessly disappearing.