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We made it through another night in the end. Took a while, but tinyMovieStar eventually fell asleep and into her regular quiet night routine, only awake for the time it takes to eat a little and get back to her dreams.

August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 03
Today’s theme: bug

That’s as close as I’m getting to this thing!

๐Ÿ“ท #mbaug

Today is the day when she’s not sleeping. Not interested at all! It’s going to be a fun night, we’re both exhausted, and she’s as cranky as a… well, a cranky baby.

Another quick walk around the block before dinner. tinyMovieStar has to leave the house from time to time, and so do we. Life is slowly getting back to normal, now there’s a street musician playing (not very well) down by the kiosk in the square.

My investment in ETH has tripled in value. Sadly the investment was 10โ‚ฌ.

Three months in and we’re still trying to find the balance that will allow us to watch a movie once in a while.

Also today, a new kind of mailbox. Seems safe enough.

Spotted on my way to the supermarket. โ€œThe future belongs to codeโ€. New school opening in town. Free tuition.

Walking around the neighborhood.

tinyMovieStar enjoys getting to know the area.

This is where sheโ€™ll grow up, hope she loves it as much as we do.

The area where we live is mostly quiet, but can get a litlle busy on weekends, as there are a few bars around. Things are nicer now, covid means almost no one comes out, but today I was woken up at 5:30 by someone talking outside. A ‘Schh’ and one ‘Sorry’ later I was back in bed.

I was about ready to sleep, tired and wanting to lie down and nod off, but decided to wait until midnight arrived so I could post today’s photo for the challenge before lights out. Now the sleep is gone and I can’t get it back!

August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 02
Today’s theme: floating

Always very literal, I am.

๐Ÿ“ท #mbaug

Done. Beer (beers, schhhhhh) have been had, now back home thinking about dinner. In the end it turned out to be another great day, thanks to friends and family.

A cozy corner of the island, there are dozens of these…

๐ŸŒด ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡น

Back home, waiting for the temperature to go down a bit and then we’ll go down to the square and have an ice cold beer.

Gotta love.. Saturdays ?? Sund.. ? Whatever, we love all of them!

I believe teething might be starting. That, or tinyMovieStar has developed a temper ๐Ÿ˜

Small stroll in the square for coffee before heading out to grandma and grandpa for lunch. tinyMovieStar enjoys these walks as much as we do.

August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge

Day 01
Today’s theme: up

First one for the challenge, and I might just try to do it all in black and white. Some photos will be new, others revisited.

Great month ahead at Micro.blog!

๐Ÿ“ท #mbaug

Tomorrow is family time again, and in the afternoon we will share a beer and say thank you in person to a friend’s brother we haven’t yet met in real life, but offered us a ton of tips when we visited Mexico.

Thankful for another week that went by without any major issues.

4PM to 8PM, zZzZ… All of us.
Felt great.

The lonely fisherman.

๐Ÿ  ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡น

Still pondering if we’re going somewhere in August. Traveling abroad is obviously out of the question, and the baby situation makes everything a bit more challenging, with added factors to consider. Decisions, decisions…

The neighborhood vibe… old school all the way.

Today tinyMovieStar is having her second go at vaccination. Five minute walk to the place where she’ll get them.

Yes, that’s the sunrise over there, 06:30AM, up since 01:30AM. I’m going to blame the pepperoni, ok ?