{micro maique}

If I had serious money riding the Crypto markets I’m sure I would have had a stroke by now.

Using the free time I now have on my hands and trying to finish our honeymoon report.

It’s only been 3 years since the trip, so no rush… 🤣

Way Back

On the way back from kindergarten, an old friend. Today it was looking particularly appealing.

Oh…. Hey there, Fall! 🍁🍂

Ordered something from the US. Tracking it.
Seven days have gone by and DHL shows the item still over there. A week (in their hands), and it hasn’t even left the country! Way to go DHL!

Seems like I might have an assignment for a newspaper next Sunday. It’s been YEARS since that happened. The pay is still lousy for freelancers, but I think I’ll do it just for the fun I’ll have meeting old friends.

The iPhone X still feels like a pretty decent machine. I edit photos every day, video as well, play games heavy on graphics, use it basically as my main computer.

“Live text? No, sorry!”

tinyMovieStar’s All Stars

Earlier today, on our way to kindergarten. Happy times.

Monkey Business

We could not go into the hell that is IKEA and come back without something for the little one, right?
Say “Hello” to Tango!

You can now build your own octocat!

Here’s mine:

Today is the day: we’re going back to IKEA. If you don’t hear from me in a few hours, send help. Please.

Another year, another iOS version, another full review. Will I make it to the end of this one?

iOS and iPadOS 15: The MacStories Review

Beta profile removed, iOS 15 official release downloading.

Finally got Mullvad and NextDNS playing nice with each other, both on iOS and macOS!
Hint: WireGuard apps are your friends.

Trying to get my spirit up, wearing my bamboo shirt for tinyMovieStar’s kindergarten.

Maybe this will work. Maybe not.

Monday again, that means a few more tears for all of us when we drop tinyMovieStar at kindergarten.

Yeah, we’re still doing that… 😭

Animal Morning

Today we saw:

A hungry horse.

A cool looking chicken.

An odd, and very still, cow.

And, obviously, a goat that enjoys going to the museum.

Fun morning.


Had lunch with Mom&Dad, now we’re at movieStar’s Mom&Dad. According to plan 😊

Saturday is Grandma & Grandpa Extravaganza Day!
We’re doing the rounds today, and tinyMovieStar has tummy issues. Extra diapers!!

Quick question: now can Miss Rabbit have a dozen full time jobs on Peppa Pig??

I have no time left, and barely do any work at all!

Back from Chile. What comes next is no surprise: editing!

Waiting outside the Chilean embassy.

Now that’s something I don’t get to say often! Or ever, before today!

Later today: one of those random assignments. Not exciting, but quick and painless.

My oldest domain was about to expire, and I just couldn’t let it. Renewed for another year.

There’s only on email address attached to it, a few online services still using it.
One GitHub hosted blog, dead, that I just deleted.

I have no idea what to do with it.

Movie With Lunch

Play date for the movieStars, burger, beer, and The Imitation Game for me.

Enjoying all three. Missing the movieStars.

🍿 🍺 🍔