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I don’t think it’s always fair to compare things but…

How can every single trucker hat for babies in this town cost double what I pay for my own at Deus Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo?? It’s Tokyo, for crying out loud, this is Lisbon!

Slightly Different Saturday

Taking advantage of the newfound freedom, our Saturday had a twist.

After the usual walk to the Farmer’s Market at our local garden, and the visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s place for lunch, we decided to drive to the sea on our way home.

The Marginal is one of the nicest roads in the area, and we haven’t been able to drive there because we were not allowed to go past the city limits for months. Now we can, so we did.

There weather was crazy: torrential rain for two minutes, then blazing sunshine. Back to rain, and the sun would shine again.

tinyMovieStar slept all the way to the beach, and woke up just before we were parking. She was VERY surprised to see the ocean when she woke up, I guess she was expecting the familiar home. Not today!

We drove so slow it took us three hours to get there and back, triple what it would take on a regular day, at the usual speed.

I was knackered when we got home. movieStar took the baby for her afternoon walk, I stayed behind on the sofa. Thank you, movieStar.

Found Him!

The elusive Unicycle Man!


Rainy days in other places. When we were happy to be out in wet weather.

🇩🇰 🌧

Marketing tip: I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Bringing up babies” on a G-Shock ad. It’s as rough as it gets, up there with all the ones they use.
Casio is missing out on a huge market!

Rain, wind, thunderstorms. That’s what’s expected for today.
And we had amazing sleep time today, none of that night drama! All feeling as close to 100% as we can hope for.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Told ya!

Told you they were back a couple of days ago. Here they are… The Tourists!

We just got our utilities (power and natural gas) bill for the past two months.

Holy FFFFFFF Christ! It’s EXPENSIVE to keep warm!

Quick One

After the night we had, with the crying baby, we needed to take it slower today. All of us. We stayed home a little longer, and only left for our walk when tinyMovieStar finally walked to the door and held my boot in the air, her usual sign for “Let’s go out!”.

By then it was getting close to lunch time, and we had a quick stroll around the neighborhood, while the bigger movieStar went to the supermarket for supplies. We met her there, just in time to find out we were taking Daniela home with us.

Not a lot of photos but, on the other hand, the little one is feeling a little better.

New Friend

Say “Hello” to Daniela, last name PingoDoce. Named after the fastest, and nicest, counter operator at our usual supermarket. movieStar was so impressed by her that she couldn’t help herself.

This will not be an easy day, but however hard it is for us, it will be harder for tinyMovieStar.

We have your back, baby! 😘

4AM-5.30AM 👶🏻😭👶🏻😭👶🏻😭👶🏻😭


Parked & Waiting

As usual, a little early for the assignment. Parking situation solved, cards emptied, battery charged, lenses dusted.

Ten minutes to spare…

One day I’ll successfully talk movieStar into using a password manager…

Long Live the Queen

2 + 2

Renovation. More of it.

And another one…


And the lost Jaguar…

Plans for today: walk, eat, shoot, walk, eat, sleep.

We haven’t talked about the new pink in town, @Gaby.

Pretty pretty nice… 😊

Delivery Incoming!

Here comes your food!

Out of the blue comes a quick assignment for tomorrow. Time to dust off the camera and find the battery charger.

The Loop

Trying not to upset the little one too much, I didn’t think too much about different places, and we did one of our regular loops this morning.

Down to the Parliament, on to the river, along it until we reach Praça do Comércio, Rua Augusta, up the Chiado hill, through the Bairro Alto, and Príncipe Real. It’s a nice walk, and one I recommend for someone visiting the city. Plenty of nice things to see.

You can definitely tell the lockdown has been lifted. You can even spot the odd tourist already. That was fast!

movieStar had a great idea before we left home, and we stopped at a French bakery and got a baguette. The little one loves bread and, sure enough, that kept her entertained. She spent the whole time looking around, slowly munching away while sightseeing.

For a couple of hours she forgot her teething issues.

Good times.

Ready to leave for another walk, after a night with teething issues. tinyMovieStar tries to be strong, but it’s not easy.

Photo by her amazing mom.


Just finished the 100th episode of @monday. A great one. @jean does it again, this time with @manton, and @patrickrhone, a perfect guest as community ambassador.

Here’s to another 100!

Some Things Never Change

I’ve looked at these buildings, from this spot, for close to 35 years. A lot of change in the city since then, a LOT.

But this is exactly the same as it was then.